Jump Clubb (Anonymous Band From Beverly Hills)

I’m definitely not a fan of over-privileged kids born with a golden spoon in their mouths who try to become successful (respected) musicians. It’s like Paris Hilton trying to make a name for herself as a pop singer when in reality, all she has to show for is her rich blood and D-grade internet porn.

Needless to say, I’m sure (I know) there are those musicians who came from wealthy backgrounds and are truly pursing their passion for music because it comes straight from their hearts―not some greedy need for fame or defiance against mummy and daddy.

When I first received the press release for “Jump Clubb (Anonymous Band From Beverly Hills),” I immediately deleted it on the basis they were from Beverly Hills. Second time around I opened it and checked out their music. After listening to their track “A Frozen Hug,” I instantly dugg their sweet electro sound. It has that indie electro feel accented by both disco beats and an exotic tribal flavor. Download it for yourself here.

The press release also said a few good things about them considering they’re musicians from “Beverly Hills.”

Hailing from a town that is literally built on celebrity and the need to be noticed, Jump Clubb makes it a point they want nothing to do with the fame that surrounds them on a daily basis … While others are constantly focused on their public image and measuring their talent in TMZ appearances, Jump Clubb makes music … They are musicians whose only goal is to release music …

Their debut album “The Love Of No Dance” drops Oct. 6. Check back for the review.