“11-11” by Rodrigo y Gabriela – Album Review

Rodrigo-Y-Gabriela-1111-481372I heard of this awesome Mexican guitar duo a few years back and was instantly enamored by their intricate, stylistic classical guitar―a very hip spin on the traditional sound of Spanish guitar. Rodrigo y Gabriela’s new album “11-11” is a sweet potpourri touching on various genres. Between their rapid guitar picking, you’ll hear a bit of disco, blues, psychedelic, funk, and other titillating styles all heightened by their fast, rhythmic talents. The two pretty much shred and are a must see live!

Pros: “Buster Voodoo” – Down home bad ass tunes you want to get hot and bothered to. “Atman” sounds like they shredded some skin off their fingers and bled on the guitar strings. That shit gets gnarly towards the end.

Cons: Needs more shredding like “Atman.”

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