“In & Out of Control” by Raveonettes – Album Review

I always remember the Danish mod-rockers, The Raveonettes, as a dark, electro rock duo. Known for their ambient landscapes and sexy lo-fi stylings, it looks like the sun ventured where it usually doesn’t shine on their new ablum “In & Out of Control.”


Opening up with a fun and bubbly track, “Bang” sets the tone for a bright album ahead. It reminds me of song that the Brady Bunch kids might have done a performance to back in the 70’s! (and I mean that in the nicest of ways).

Standing with a pretty heavy title “Boys Who Rape (Should All Be Destroyed),” is actually an upbeat, happy song (contrary to the defensive lyrics). Front-woman Sune Rose Wagner can’t help but sound so cute with that breathy voice of hers, even it she saying “You never forget, those FUCKERS stay in your head.”

Keeping it dreamy, “Heart of Stone” plays so lusciously with sleepy vocals while the groovy stings transcend into some sweet-ass guitar picking. You can hear some down and dirty blues influences here.

“Oh I Buried You Today” is short and sweet. It brings in that 50’s love song appeal. Very cute.

Whoa! Pacing itself slowly at the start, “Suicide” explodes into a loud burst of happy energy that returns through the chorus. I don’t think I’ve ever heard the Raveonetts get that marching-band-joyous tempo ever.

Although many of the lyrics and titles stay true to the dark side of the Raveonettes, unusual and eccentric — it’s the vivid orchestrations and up-tempo that makes their songs to appear full of bright life and happiness. Very contradicting and I love it.

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