Those Darlins at The Hotel Cafe – Show Review

If you don’t want a wild one, quit hanging ’round with me, you knew right from the start that’s my personality, if you can’t handle crazy, go ahead and leave, if you don’t want a wild one, quit hanging ’round with me.”

Those Darlins could not have said it any better with the sassy lyrics 0n their hit song “Wild One.” Although their self-titled debut album is all sorts of awesome, they’re live performance is where it’s at! These country-blues punkettes thrashed The Hotel Cafe this past Friday, Oct. 23! It was about 45 minutes of rockin’ and the girls owned the crowd before them.

Don’t let the name, Those Darlins, or their cutesie dresses and attractive looks fool you though. These chicks are as bad-ass as they come. They rule the stage before them and just don’t give a fuck. While jumping around and engaging the crowd, the girls were spittin’ and spraying water from their mouthes. I even heard a couple berps!

Get their album, go to their show, you won’t be disappointed!

Check out the photos and video below!


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