LA 101 Festival – Review and Photos (Matt & Kim, Dandy Warhols, Silversun Pickups)

LA Weekly threw a pretty sweet music festival, LA 101, this past Tuesday, Nov. 3 at the Universal (now Gibson) Ampitheatre. Consisting of nothing but stellar musicians, our ears were blessed with the sweet sounds of Dengue Fever, Matt & Kim, The Dandy Warhols and Silversun Pickups! Be jealous.

Matt & Kim as always, are all sorts of cute! I finally made it through the crazy jungles of Universal City walk and onto the last two songs of their set. I was just stoked to see Kim stand on her drums as she does with that welcoming smile.

It was great to see the Dandy Warhols performing again. I almost forgot how rockin’ they were with their dark experimental riffs and fuzz. The crowd was stoked to hear them play “The Legend of the Last Outlaw Truckers.” With its grimy hunky-dory vibe, front-man, Courtney Taylor-Taylor played his vocals to a scary-muffled-gramophone sound. The harmonica was in blazing effect once “The New Country” came on. It was quite the psychedelic country ballad.

Awestruck, the Dandy Warhols played a crazy fuckin’ set full of riveting bass. Shit was so strong I could feel it vibrating up my thighs. Kinda got me excited!

As for the headliner, Silversun Pickups, can I just say I LOVE BRIAN AUBERT! He is one amazing vocalist and guitar-god. And he shimmies across the stage like a lil boy who just received his first guitar for Christmas. Nothing but goods coming from Aubert.

“Forgive us if it’s a lol bit cheez ball, but we’ve been waiting to say this for so long,” shouts Aubert to the packed amphitheater. “It’s good to be back Los Angeles!” Aubert, then proceeded to get the house lights put on (which wasn’t an easy feat with the amphitheater) as he announced his happiness to be back in the City of Angels and how they are all such proud Angelinos.

After touring for so long, us fellow Angelinos were more than stoked to have the Silversun Pickups back in LA, where they belong.

Silversun played and epic set filled with so much explosive energy and heart. A super highlight for me, was watching Christopher Guanlao, go mad on the drums. That guys is just insanely thrashin’! He was bangin’ out the drum rolls to the speed of light. The man was moving so quick I thought I was on an acid trip with the trails he was leaving from his rapid movements. Intense!

Words: Sandy B.

Photos: Craig Parker

Silversun Pickups – “Lazy Eye”

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