“If You Like To Skateboard, I Hope You Never Have Children”

UPDATE: Columnist Brad Pareso, explains himself and apologizes.

“So to Geoff Schweigert, SkateDaily.net and anybody else who read this and though it was just another blatant stereotyping of skateboarding culture—it was, and that was the joke. If you took it as anything other than a stupid, ridiculous, un-researched and flat-out incorrect read, I’m sorry. In my world, that’s how it reads. The intent was for people to laugh and move along, but instead a chunk of a community took it to heart. And for that, my sincerest apologies.”

Read more here.

Wow, really? Some people are just so damn fuckin’ ignorant. Read this article from the Long Island Press and leave this super tool, Brad Pareso, some hate mail. Sounds like he’s still butt-hurt since he probably could never ride the concrete wave except for in “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater” (if even). Either that, or he got his ass handed to him by some skater. After reading his lame article, I hope it’s the latter.

“There’s a family that lives a few houses down from me, and they have two sons, ages 11 and 9, let’s say. They like to skateboard in the street—whatever, not my problem they’re wasting their youth on a dream they’ll never achieve.”

I’m all for freedom of speech, but at least have some knowledge in your word. Not just a butt-hurt opinion.

3 thoughts on ““If You Like To Skateboard, I Hope You Never Have Children”

  1. Sandy Post author

    Glad he apologized and he def should put a disclaimer on there, kinds like we have on our About page. Well, he caused quite the buzz and got his name out there. Bold strategy.

  2. RoL

    Or you know, realize the fact that it’s a piece opining on the contempt for the general stereotype for skaters, with the article going so far as to mention skating itself is cool.

    But then we wouldn’t get so many entertaining hate filled comments, or links to other sites like this ;D

  3. delondon harrison

    Just because skateboarding is something you do not approve of does not give you the right to belittle someones passion. According to your statement: “they’re wasting their youth on a dream they’ll never achieve.” so you are saying that if I child enjoys something that they might not make a career out of they should give it up. Well then according to you our youth should give up sports, school, college, writing, and whatever else children do to entertain themselves. Most kids in sports don’t go pro, most kids in school don’t go to college, most kids that write don’t become writers. Were you the kid that was beat up in high school so now you try and trash everything that brings up bad memories of your youth. Why can’t kids do things for fun, or is it they should only do the things “you” deem OK! You probably spent all of your youth reading and writing, unable to be good at anything else, now you write for the Long Island Post, you should have given up a long time ago. You obviously didn’t make anything of yourself.

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