Ghostland Observatory at the Key Club – Photo Gallery and Review

As I walked downstairs to the Ghostland Observatory pre-party at the Key Club last Thursday, Nov. 19, the place was packed! Some chick and her husband were the ultimate superfans, clad in their Ghostland Observatory gear. Her hubby even wore a cape just like the drummer/synth master, Thomas Ross Turner.

“Oh my God girl, you ain’t never seen Ghostland live?! You are gonna love it,” yelled the superfan chick to me. “These guys are so goood! You’re gonna wet your pants!” Whoa, I thought to myself, these peeps are hardcore. And once the show started, I realized all their fans are pretty damn hardcore. I never knew they had such a cult following. And the funny thing is, most of the fans are girls! Hot and horny females that go wild for front-man Aaron Kyle Behrens and his sexy moves. Dude must be a stallion in the sack by the looks of how he moved on the stage and the hair twirls and perma-grins on all the females in the crowd.

There was something erotically enchanting about Ghostland’s performance. As I looked at the packed Key Club through out their set, both men and woman seemed to be under a spell as they watched Behrens  own the stage before him. That man has so much explosive energy! I too found myself under his spell.

With crazy light shows and lasers that moved to the tune of Ghostland’s fiery beats, the show was truly amazing. Check out the photos and video below.

Words, Photos and Vid: Sandy B.


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