Freelance Whales at the Echo – Photo Gallery and Review

I was so excited about seeing Fanfarlo at The Echo on Monday, Nov. 23 that I didn’t even think about who was going to open. Freelance Whales were more than a pleasant surprise. They are five of the cutest kids from New York, singing through smiles and swapping around a range of instruments that they call haunted. They brought us duets with the banjo and glockenspiel; they have harmonium and watering cans!

This tour is their first time playing outside of New York, but you’d never guess it when you see them play. Doris Cellar works the bass and glockenspiel at the same time, flawlessly. They run on pure joy and the whole thing feels like the friendliest dance party sleep over. I’m going to to singing along to their CD “Weathervanes” all winter!

Words: Roxy Roknian

Photos: Craig Parker

6 thoughts on “Freelance Whales at the Echo – Photo Gallery and Review

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  4. Sandy Post author

    Totes! They made me so happy watching them. Great opener for Fanfarlo but I’m sure they’re on their way to headlining their own show very soon.

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