Thrasher SOTY – Photo Gallery

Drunken good times ensued this past Friday, Dec. 11 at the Thrasher Skater of the Year party! Big congrats to the awesome Chris Cole for taking the honors!

With free PBR and vodka flowing all night, there was much madness to be seen and heard at the Herbst Pavilion. A few things we saw: major shredding on the ramp, a sick ass video premiere for “Prevent This Tragedy,” boobs, a penis (it’s in the photo gallery), skanky out-of-date chicks dancing on the ramp that looked like they should be on the show “Jersey Shore,” (um excuse me, 1992 called, they want their fake ripped jeans and tongue ring back), Lady Gaga’s twin sister, wild chicks in the photo booth, old friends, old flames, new friends and whole lot more debauchery! It was an epic good time!

Check out the photos and vid below!

6 thoughts on “Thrasher SOTY – Photo Gallery

  1. Jen Chen

    Awesome shots!! If anyone knows Matty..let us know. We met him that night and he was super sweet-all we know is he films for Stereo…anyone?

  2. Leo

    Yo! I was there and see some of my friends in the photos! Was a killer party mos def. you and your girls were cool and hot!

  3. Ricky T.

    Soooo much fun! Too funny with that ho on the ramp! I thought her drunk ass was going to fall! And she did look like Jersey trash. Totally 1993, who wears toungue rings still!!!! Fun photos!

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