WTH! Warriors come out and play? No they didn’t bring that back … any East Coaster knows.. WAZ UP WIT DAT … As my editor likes me to extend my musical listening horizons, I’m taking a listening to this two-piece of ingenuity of samples of the past, beats, trips, and lyrical twists and retro morphs: Malakia, “Ugly Side of Love.”

Shitkicker” kicks into a cowboy western rhythmic guitar line and drops into a soul-bastic breakbeat with retroactive vocals and nice bass & guitar dips and exchanges. Snowflake vibrates with a raw grind of bass line mid-tempo aligned with Gee’s rock vocal.

Blackbird” drifts with a nice steady snare/bass/cymbal synced combo and classic rock organ. Many of the tracks are not extensive, on the contrary it’s just enough.

Tracks “Moonsurfin”, “Meech’s Theme”, & “Only for You” are micro musical tracks that stay on point and fade in then fade out as you start to finally get it or not get it at all.

Laydown Stay Down” is a distant familiar track from a few decades ago with nice horns from the past and Vietnam war jungle numbness.

These Bristol England boys, Malakia,  have crafted another musical gem in “Another Sun” that is again reminiscent of another time.

Fading World” is a fav of mine with a nice dub/trip hop track which will make you drift into a blur.

There is not much clarity to the “Ugly Side of Love” and it wasn’t intended to be that way like modern music nowadays. Malakai, extracts that retro elements of the past through their sampling and instrumentation yet it’s not overload or extensive to just overdose you of the past.

Words: Walter Burciaga

Get a free mp3 download of “Fading World” below!

Malachai – Fading World by DominoRecordCo


Ugly Side Of Love

Snake Charmer
Meechs’ Theme
Only For You
Lay Down Stay Down
Another Sun
How Long
Fading World
Simple Song