Oh Alberta Cross, how we love thee … With those charmingly cool British accents, style to make any rockstar jealous and music that will capture your mind and body like a bad demon that just won’t get excersized—Alberta Cross delivers an epic live show full of righteous guitars that sound off into a sonic landscape full of fuzz, mania and and melodic riffs all wrapped into one tasty treat.

As the band made their way down the green-room stairs to take the stage, the boys gave each other hugs before they jammed! It was totally cute and endearing to say the least. As I looked around The Troubadour, all the girls were smiling and even more fixated on the hot rock outfit. Opening up with “Leave Us and Forgive Us,” front-man/guitarist, Petter Ericson Stakee and guitarist Sam Kearney, had such great style and stage presence together. Fleshing out some dangerous sound while handling their axes face-to-face, the boys got the font lines pumped-up and head bangin’ for a stellar set. All the while, Alec Higgins brought some delicate keys into the mix. Between the thrashing guitar and drums, the piano keys added a subtle beauty to their performance.

The intro to “Rise From The Shadows” brought the crowd into a soul-clap accented by Petter’s melodic howls. Driven by nothing but the smooth bass lines of Terry Wolfers steady drums, a touch of piano and tambourine, this song had the coolest vibe radiating from the stage … amazing song.

Closing up a face-melting set of about 10 songs, Alberta Cross bid us farewell (before their encore) with their ripping song, “ATX.” The guitars were thrashing out the wildest sounds as drummer, Austin Beede, kept the beat going with his vicious skills.

Residing in one of the hottest music hubs, Brooklyn, Alberta Cross sure was stoked to make it to Cali! At the end of their set, Petter, yelled out to the crowd, “The West Coast is definitely the place to be!”  Yep, please come back now ya heard!

Words: Sandy B.

Photos: Craig Parker

City Walls” (Encore)