Black Lips at The Casbah – Photo Gallery

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re really quite fond of the Black Lips over here at Grimy Goods. By golly! I think we’ve covered about six of their shows now! But never have we gotten such crisp, detailed shots of these Hotlanta rockers as we did this past Sunday, Jan. 24 at the Casbah in San Diego. What can I say, our San Diego photog, El Big Swig is the shit and a true fan of the Lips!

Talk about a band that loves to tour, these boys are always on the road causing some serious rock n’ roll ruckus. Whether throwing up on stage or kissing each other, it’s all shock value for these guys and we love them nonetheless! Rippin’ tunes, crazy shows, good times: check out the photos below!

Photos: Big Swig

Click on the photos below to go BIG!

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