Yikes! This is a lil creepy. Even the photo looks a bit haunting. It’s no surprise that the eclectic and extraordinary, Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley would introduce something so worthy of a “show.” Check it out: Evelyn Evelyn, the world’s only conjoined twin singer-songwriter duo.

Evelyn Evelyn’s debut album hits stores March 30 on Eleven Records. In the meantime, you can check out the MP3 for “Have You Seen My Sister Evelyn?here. Naturally, it’s very folky-circus-showtune, in the likes of all things Amanda Palmer and all things Evelyn Evelyn.

With a background in circus performance and a wide, bizarre range of influences, Evelyn Evelyn compose original timeless songs full of humor, sadness, and double entendre.This is one act you’re definitely going to want to see live! For obvious reasons, but the tunes are pretty fun as well.

Check the twins and their tour dates here.