Listening to The Happy Hollows‘ latest album “Spells” tends to leave me in a dizzy through the first half. It’s dreamy, fuzzy indie pop straight from Silver Lake that makes me want to look through dark kaleidoscopes, wear baby doll dresses, and bust skulls just to remind you that I can.

Wandering along through the album, just past the lovely “Death to Vivek Kemp” (which is totally The Hit) things get lo-fi at “Silver” and I’m totally down for the ride, until we get to “We Will Find You.” The transition here is awkward, and while I can totally appreciate the atonal singing trend in indie music, this song had me questioning whether it was entirely intentional. Art mirrors life, and while things get a little awkward here there’s always a bunch of smiles and laughs once we all loosen up a bit again, even if the music’s still a little dark.

“Lieutenant” is a straightforward jam that shows off how sexy Sarah Negahdari’s voice can be. She sings through most of the record, with the exception of “Delorean” and “A Man, A Plan, A Canal,” where bassist Charlie Mahoney’s vocals are put on display. They’re both fun songs, and Sarah’s voice is a real treat here, like those waves of fudge ribbons laced through your pint of ice cream. I totally love “The Stein” too, where driving beats are met with ethereal French vocals.

The album is a diverse treat. Who knows where each song will take you! …and I love any girl that’ll confess to hooking up with a Young Republican because he looks like Billy Corgan. (Pssh, don’t front, you would too!)

Words: Roxy Roknian