Sonic Treats: FREE New Downloads From MGMT, Hacienda, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and New Young Pony Club!

Download these FREE mp3s from MGMT, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Hacienda and New Young Pony Club! Just right click on the “download and listen here” link and save link as an mp3 and it’s yours!

“Flash Delirium”

This fun new track is barely over four minutes of psychedelic mania and dream-pop and comes off way more “cooler” than most MGMT songs. They kind of sound like they could of been commissioned for The Beatles’ 1968 animated flick “Yellow Submarine.”

Download and Listen Here

Black Rebel
Motorcycle Club

“Beat the Devil’s Tattoo”

Pretty sick track that starts a bit slow and eerie and progresses to some blues-rock intensity fueled by guitars and lazy hums. This song is just very fuckin’ cool.

Download and Listen Here

“I Keep Waiting”

The adorable Texans, who also play as Dan Auerbach’s back up band, The Fast 5, bring us yet another delectable nugget of sound full of 60’s love-pop euphoria. This is the first single off their sophomore album
“Big Red and Barbacoa” produced by Dan Auerbach and set for an April 6 release.

Download and Listen Her

New Young
Pony Club


Well here’s another indie club banger the ladies and electro-hipster rats will love. Fun beats, snarky lyrics, but it still falls a lil bland. Do I smell a remix?

Download and Listen Here

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