“Scarface” Acted Out By Kids in a School Play

Holy shit! Is this for real? Apparently so. The little girl acting as Elvira Hancock (Michelle Pfeiffer) even says “I’m leaving you motherfucker!” to a torn up Tony Montana, as he sits over his pile of coke (popcorn). You have to see this!

“Say hello to my little friend! Take that cockroaches!”

4 thoughts on ““Scarface” Acted Out By Kids in a School Play

  1. kellz

    One of my pet peeves is when adults entice children to do certain things for the entertainment of adults, but the popcorn mound is pretty hilarious. lol

  2. Sandy Post author

    I know! Little Olivia would have played a perfect Tony Montana’s younger sister. Since she has the crazy curl afro an all! ha

  3. Kristine G

    Damn, those kids are too adorable. I want to invite them all over so we can watch the real Scarface and make rootbeer floats. 🙂

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