The Ghastly Ones at Bordello – Live Photos and Review

Have you ever entered the crypt of The Ghastly Ones? We did last week at Bordello Bar and holy shit it was a rockin’ hell-of-a-time! Dressed to impress, top-hats and all, The Ghastly Ones were dressed as though they were attending their own funeral. Bringing that haunting surf-garage sound that your mama warned you about, The Ghastly Ones possessed the souls of everyone in the Bordello as their thrashing tunes infected bodies with funky knee jerks, hip shakes and a zombie-like nodding of the head. Their creepy tunes are full of catchy riffs and rolling drums fit to wake anyone back up from the dead. It’s music you just want to get down and boogie with!

“Hailing from Van Nuys, California these swingin’ undertakers took their inspiration from the hopped up sounds of early sixties surf and hotrod outfits like The Lively Ones, Avengers VI, The New Dimensions, and the Fender IV and mixed it with their obsession with late night monster movies, Halloween records and Screaming Lord Sutch to patent their “spooky surf” sound.”

If you want to hear some cool tunes with a fresh sound (not drenched in hipster-electro persuasion) and stage-presence to match, check out The Ghastly Ones. I’m sure they’ll present you with a smashing good time.

Words: Sandy B.

Photos: Big Swig

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