With nothing more than instrumentals and an absolute mute existence when it comes to words, Japan’s Mono exudes more energy and emotion than the majority of bands out there using catchy lyrics and constant crowd interaction. As my first time experiencing a live performance by Mono, I was totally and utterly stricken with awe. Their music is unearthly in the most beautiful of ways and will send shivers down your spine. Not to be pervy or anything, but my nipples were at a constant hard-on during their entire set! And I don’t think it was the air-con of the El Rey Theatre creating such an effect on my body.

Consisting of four musical geniuses, Mono’s leading lady Tamaki Kunishi is a maneater with her Gibson bass. Her stealth delicate fingers will shred your shit to shame, and she looks like an angel from the dark while doing it. Lead guitarist Takaakira Goto, takes my breath away. I’ve NEVER seen any guitarist so damn into his work. After shredding the gnarliest strings on his Fender Jazzmaster, Goto then kicks his stool to the side and basically straddled his Fender and gave it a kiss. This band truly worships their instruments and you can totally hear it in their sound. It’s as though they’ve built this magical connection with them in which they are the only ones who know how to achieve.  With Yoda also mastering some out-of-this-world sounds with his guitar and drummer Yasunori Takada creating an intense array of insane drumming, Mono will give you a show experience unlike any other.

I only wish you could see the expression on the crowds’ faces. As Mono played out what seemed like endless minutes of delicate strings and drums that so swiftly transcended into ballistic reverb and more fuzz than a moldy peach, it was as though everyone had been thrown into a catatonic state of bliss; and one in which they never wanted to wake from.

Mono is coming to fuzzrock the hell out your your city. Check for tour dates here and be sure to pick up their music.

Words: Sandy B.



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