The first annual Silver Lake Jubilee is kicking off this Saturday, May 22 through Sunday may 23, 2010! We’ve compiled a list of 31 cool reasons why you should attend the Silver Lake Jubilee. First and foremost: THE LOCAL LA BANDS!

Bands Already With the Grimy Goods Seal of Approval:

Bands We’re Very Excited to See!

  • Radar Brothers
  • The Mo-Odds
  • The Entrance Band
  • Useless Keys
  • My Pet Saddle
  • Francisco The Man
  • The Living Sisters
  • The Like
  • Foreign Born
  • And a few more surprises


  • Only $5 for over 50 of LA finest up-and-coming bands!
  • A zero waste event!
  • BYOC! Um, Bring Your Own Cup! Fo realz!
  • Nom Noms! More than 30 gourmet food trucks!
  • More than 60 local vendors selling their artsy fartsy goods!
  • An Eco Village full of resources to live well and preserve our planet!
  • The colorful Arts Village with more than 50 galleries, small-press publishers, and artists
  • The Literary village filled with cool poets and hip beatnicks!
  • Benefiting the L.A. Arts and Athletics Alliance!
  • FREE Down Town Union T-shirts after their set Sunday, 1:40-2:10 @ The Sunset Stage!
  • Roller Derby babes (L.A. Derby Dolls)!
  • Standup comedy acts!
  • Hot boys and girls!
  • Attendees who bus to the Jubilee will qualify for a buy-one-get-one-free offer.
  • Show your love for LA and become a part of an awesome community!
  • Silver Lake Jubilee After Party at Malo!