The Pity Party at Spaceland 5/21 – Show Review & Photos

Opening up with what looked like some sort of a yoga or meditation pose, the eclectic art rock duo, The Pity Party brought in quite the performance at our show at Spaceland last Friday, May 21st.  The band is composed of Heisenflei a red fox who handles simultaneous drums, keyboards, and vocals and then you have her gorgeous male cohort, M on the guitars and vocals.

Besides being totally drawn in to their unique compositions of music and style, you can’t help but just stare at the duo. Heisenflei looks so beautiful behind the drums as she smoothly shifts over to the keys, her sultry voice peaks in songs such as “Wanting Want” where M’s guitar lines make you want to strut around the floor with a big smile on your face.

Additionally, The Pity Party had some insane visuals projected on the screen behind them. Their live visual artist (wish I new his name to shout-out) creates some very thought provoking images that blend so well with their lusciously unique music. From rock to thrash and elements of soul, The Pity Party are quite the visual and aural treat.

Check out this interview we did with them not too long ago. And check out more photos taken by DownTownLobby here.

Oh yeah, we also covered The Pity Party at the Echoplex a few months ago. Peep the photos here!

Words: Sandy B.

Photos: Craig Parker

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