Darkey My Love’s forthcoming album “Alive As You Are” is hitting US soil on August 17, 2010 via Dangerbird and it is sounding all sorts of fuckin’ great. Cutting the fat off the psychedelics and echoing distortion, these guys are blending some luscious aural waves of pleasure from late 60s inspired folk all the way to some pop melodies reminiscent of early Beatles. Collectively, the album boasts some serious emotion not only in lyrics but in their organic arrangements. Expect something beautifully different.

Stay tuned for a full review closer to their August 17 release date. But until then, download a FREE track of “Dear Author” from their upcoming album “Alive As You Are.” ( you can also stream another new track “Split Minute” via their Myspace.)

“When you get right down to it,” Darker My Love’s Tim Presley says, “this record is about loss and hard work.”

“Alive As You Are” Track List

1. Backseat
2. Split Minute
3. 18th Street Shuffle
4. New America
5. Rain Party
6. Maple Day Getaway
7. Trail The Line
8. June Bloom
9. Dear Author
10. A Lovely Game
11. Cry On Me Woman