Hot Band Alert: “Ghost Fits” by Sisters – Debut Album Review

Neither brothers nor sisters, this Brooklyn duo creates rollicking, lazy-boned laments about days gone by. Once opener “The Curse” rattles to attention with rickety alternative-era guitars and youthful drum pats, the peg is as dead on as their Death By Audio ancestry. Core members of the collective that fostered a Brooklyn venue, effects pedal creations and a record-producing business, Sisters’ members are scene siblings with the likes of Jeff the Brotherhood, Grooms and A Place to Bury Strangers.

It’s funny that label Narnack refers to Sisters’ blend as “Doolittle-pop,” as over the 11 songs that occupy their debut “Ghost Fits,” Aaron Pfannebecke (guitar/vocals) and Matt Conboy (drums/keyboard) combine the contemporary sonic breath of fellow brazen duos Japandroids or No Age (“Glue” & “Sky”) but derive their most heavy of helpings from that other greatly-sourced luminary indie act, Sonic Youth.

Though wobbly, carefree and bobbing, “Ghost Fits” settles as a middling sonic reflective on each of its player’s past without much of anything wholly noteworthy or pervasively new to mention along the way. Named after the 1987 Sonic Youth album “Sister,” Pfannebecke and Conboy have successfully sourced the breakneck punk temperament into a focused sound that’s no doubt pleasing and assessable on standout tracks “Synesthesia” and “Wake Me Up,” trying in their infections, dulled honesty.

Having certainly done their homework, Sisters bring a sound’s true-to-form delivery as current competition to the already crowded arena of noisy lo-fi outfits, the problem is that the duo merely lack the secret weapon (No Age adds a to-the-clouds drifting ambiance for example) that’s going to keep its listeners coming back to fill their seats.

Words: Matt Draper

Artist: Sisters
Album: “Ghost Fits”
Label: Narnack
Release Date: September 28, 2010

Sisters “Ghost Fits” Tracklist:

01. The Curse
02. Glue
03. Sky
04. Synesthesia
05. Wake Me Up
06. Highway Scratch
07. Courthouse
08. Here It Comes
09. Leaving Home
10. Visions
11. Ghost Fits

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