New Video: “Evil Boy” by Die Antwoord

In all honesty, I’m not a fan of Die Antwoord. Although they are totally interesting and hilarious to watch, there’s now way in hell I can get into their music with out feeling like a douche. Home boy (Ninja) looks and raps like a cracked out Eminem and his little demon-slut-like sidekick, Yo-landi, scares the shit out of me and annoys me all at once. I don’t understand Ninja’s obsession with his swinging penis and trust me, there’s a lot of penis in this explicit video. I do however dig, Yo-landi’s knockers. They have eyes! Check out Die Antwoord’s new video for “Evil Boy.” It features a guest appearance from the track’s producer, Diplo, as well as South African rapper Wanga. And just like Die Antwoord, this video is weird.

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