Owen Pallett at the Fox Theatre Pomona – Photo Gallery & Review

Kicking off and extraordinary evening of music with The National being the main course, Owen Pallett (formerly Final Fantasy) was the aural appetizer that set our musical journey into play. This lil Canadian fellow is quite the genius when it comes to conjuring up some majestic sounds on the violin. From the traditional use of the violin bow, all the way to some finger picking and plucking, Pallett along with his guitarist created a fairytale-like atmosphere with his angelic voice and enchanting orchestrations. Songs like “Midnight Directives” and “Lewis Takes Action” painted a dreamlike world in our heads where our every step made a luscious sound. With all those layers of programmed beats against Pallett’s symphonic violin loops, the melodies and textures echoing through out the Fox Theatre were bursting with a lively sound. At times I felt like I was in a Walt Disney animated flick or musical. Mushrooms anyone?

Although some may be reluctant to give praise to programmed beats and loop pedals during a live show, it certainly didn’t take away any pleasure from Pallett’s performance. If anything he is quite the multitasker managing all that epic sound that he originally created. I thought it was quite brave of him to throw down a live beat on the keyboard and then throw it in for a loop. Unlike some musicians, they’ll already have the beats programmed with out a live intro.

Owen Pallett is truly something unique and beautiful to witness live, especially in a time where everyone’s trying to be the next indie buzzband recycling the same sound over-and-over again. Do yourself a favor and get hip to Owne Pallett. He will grace LA with his tunes one more time this month at the Echoplex on October 22nd. Buy your tickets here!

Words: Sandra Burciaga

Photos: Wei Shi


5 thoughts on “Owen Pallett at the Fox Theatre Pomona – Photo Gallery & Review

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  4. drewtheyours

    I couldn’t agree more. Absolute, and utter astonishment encapsulated me while watching this young man do his thang. Definitely take balls, and a lot of practice pull off this kind of originality. Great pics Wei, to accompany a great and honest review! Good job GG!!!


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