The Many Misspellings of John Lennon Via Twitter on the Anniversary of his Death

When you look a the big picture, Twitter is all a game of “follow-the-leader” where the rules of he-said-she-said do apply. It’s no wonder so many dumbasses misspelled the late and great, John Lennon’s name on this very important day of his untimely death.

If you’re a true fan, I think you would know these variations are all bogus: Jon Lennon, John Lemon, Jon Lenin, and the most common: John Lenon. Hopefully for most, it was a slip of the thumb (shit knows I’ve done that many times) or a language barrier. One Twitterer claims the misspellings are due to royalty payments. Wow … saving-face much?

After a couple of my Twitter friends, @MsBitty and @MisterJaded pointed out these misspellings of such a GREAT man, I decided to call a few of these bozos out (and trust, there’s a whole lot more).

Rest in peace Mr. Lennon your music and soul has touched us all. I hope this post gave you a chuckle or two.

Click on the hyperlinked Twitter names below to see the bozo tweets. The italics are my commentary.

Posted by: Sandra Burciaga

Jon Lennon:

  • @mariannejonas3 Where the hell did you hear that? Please move on with your jesus-god-preaching bull shit.
  • @ImmaTweetBitch Wow really? You’re so dumb! Calling misspellings out and you even misspelled his name! Sheesh yourself!

Jon Lenin:

  • @pav20Ugg, kind of feel bad for this one (actually all of them since it’s an RT). I don’t think he passed grade school (either that or he’s from Middle America).

John Lemon:

  • @vibratingassOMG! Stop already! I’m getting sick to my stomach. Damn kids.
  • @ibktNo, it’s not cute and neither are you.

John Lenon:

  • @anthonyjeselnikI hope that was a joke tweet Mr. famous comedian with almost 10k followers. Because even you spelled Lennon’s name wrong.
  • @BuckyGermonattaGo figure. It’s Lady Gaga related. No wonder.
  • @Wake_up_serviceOkay captain-save-a-ho. First spell the man’s name right before you start acting badass.
  • @FeedPaulLewisLay off the “dope!”

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