If you’re a true hip-hop head who misses the slick rhyme styles from the ’90s instead of this lame crap-rap, you need to add Beans to your SXSW schedule. The Brooklyn-based rap rebel delivers tight lyrics and flows over hard-hitting beats. Also a member of the dope-ass, Anti-Pop Consortium, Beans isn’t afraid to experiment outside the realm of traditional hip hop. His new album End It All, is his first album to feature only outside production (Four Tet, Clark, TOBACCO, Bumps, Son Lux, Interpol’s Sam Fog, etc.), all united by the inimitable flow and reborn swagger of Beans.

  • How many SXSWs have you done?
    Honestly, I think that this is my 6th or 7th SXSW since early 2000 as a soloist and with Anti-Pop as well. I remember when it wasn’t very big profile wise as it is now, but it was always fun. I’ve always had a blast at the festival. It’s one of the festivals that I always look forward to being a participant.
  • What’s your favorite thing about SXSW? Least favorite?
    I really don’t have a least favorite aspect to the SXSW festival. How can you complain about being in an atmosphere where people just want to have fun and enjoy great music?
  • What showcases are you doing this year?
    This year I’m just doing the Anticon showcase (Wed. March 16 @ Mohawk) and then heading to Europe afterwards.
  • What bands/performers do you want to see at SXSW?
    I haven’t checked on who’s playing yet but I’m always pleasantly surprised.
  • What word of advice would you give to newbie SXSW’ers?
    Keep your head in the game, blast off a great performance, mingle, network and make it happen for your music.
  • SXSW drink of choice?
    Stella will always be my 1st lady.
  • Anything else you’d like to add?
    Yeah, buy my shit!

Words: Sandra Burciaga