Wow, who ever thought the Netherlands have such authentic soulful vibes? Well, not that they don’t — but the country isn’t exactly known for being major players in turning out R&B/hip-hop/soul artists, but Fuel Box just might change all that. The soulful group, consisting of Remy “Lil’ Bucket” BritsemmerJosh “Bone Four Oh” Boon and DJ Durian, are creating some impressive music that meshes dub, hip-hop, blues and of course —soul, to create some intriguing tracks for their debut album I.

While their hip-hop names might need some work, their music is definitely on point. Influenced by the likes of Gnarls Barkley, Madlib and Prince, their stuff is a musical reflection of their interests sprinkled with just enough electro vibes, throbbing beats and tons of trip hop to make their electronic syphonies catchy.

At first, you’re not exactly sure what to expect from the 14-track album, but the intro helps subdue any concerns, starting off with interesting percussion beats that are overtaken by some pretty soulful vocals depicting a hint of Prince-like high and lows. The next track, “The One,” is a laidback tune with just enough energy to really catch your attention. Bluesy, R&B-ish with some down-tempo rock thrown in create a melodic love song that really prepares you for what’s in store for the rest of the album.

“Get Out” is so like a Gnarls Barkley jam with its edgy vocals that makes you feel the attitude while the beats are pure soul-meshed with some soft hip-hop-stylo. The combo makes more for entertaining background music or when you’re in the mood for some easy listening. On “Bits & Bytes,” you can hear where their dub classification originates since it has some spazzy interchanging beats with synth-like quirks in the back. The vocals are a bit more chill on this track, but nonetheless soulful. “What You Do For Love” reminds you of an old school hip-hop jam with it’s vinyl cracks that fade in-and-out of its highly enjoyable beats. The lyrics remind you of an R&B tune with vocals sincerely once again very Prince-like and full of sexy swagger.

On the real, Fuel Box’s I is definitely worth a listen because chances are, you just discovered your new favorite band for the new year. It’s one of those albums where the music and beats are consistent, but each track has different elements, making them unique from the previous one. One listen is all it takes to become hooked on this Netherlands-based group. Their music is raw, emotionally filled and melodic. With only 126 Facebook likes (at the time this was written, me being the reason for the plus latest increase), Fuel Box is on the verge of being something big, so why not take the opportunity to boast to your friends about how you “knew” them before they made it big. That way, you can take credit for introducing them to everybody else. ‘Cause we all know, everyone loves to claim firsties.

You can download their EP for FREE below!

Words: Kristie Bertucci


Artist: Fuel Box
Album: I
Label: Self Released
Release Date: December 14, 2011