Meshell Ndegeocello put on a mesmerizing performance at the El Rey Theatre this past Friday, Jan. 6 opening with one of her classic Prince covers. The multi-faceted singer/songwriter played a variety of songs from old to new, slow to fast and funky to melancholy. Her rich deep voice could be heard and felt throughout the entire theater. With only three band members backing her up, the special sounds of the cello played by Gabe Noel, produced an incredibly lush sound that radiated pure life. It was astounding.

It’s always a pleasure to see Ndegeocello playing the bass as she has an incredible style and sound. She is a true artist, always playing what she feels—never playing hits or creating a show that is aimed to please the masses. Ndegeocello bears her soul and gives her everything when she is on stage and this particular El Rey performance dazzled with excitement. She definitely made everyone’s evening a beautiful musical experience, one that will always be remembered.

Words: Morgan Stern

Photography: Farah Sosa