Now this was a super fabulous show! Cardiff’s Los Campesinos! hit the Echoplex this past Saturday, Feb. 11. in support of their fourth album Hello Sadness. The seven-piece UK bunch lit the Echoplex on fire with their eclectic mingling of indie tunes-noise, melody and everything in between that you could shake and sway your grove thing to. The ensemble was absolutely engaging and really got the crowd moving with their contagious stage presence. If only more bands can perform such a spectacular live show as Los Campesinos!

Supporting Los Campesinos! were the endlessly engaging Parenthetical Girls (see previous live review). The were a stellar complement and really got the crowd pumped up for an interesting, weird and wild evening of dancing. Where else can you see a band practically swallow a mic whole (see photo below).

Photography: Monique Hernandez

Los Campesinos!

Parenthetical Girls


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