With a band name like Reptar (and according to the above photo), you would expect to hear some sludgy punk rock riffs straight out of the GG Allin dynasty. On the contrary, Reptar are a catchy and hook-laden indie pop ensemble composed of Ryan Engelberger (bass), William Kennedy (keys), Andrew McFarland (drums) and Graham Ulicny (guitar, vocals). Oddly enough, the band took their name from a character in Nickelodeon’s cartoon series, Rugrats. Just like the cartoon, Reptar bring out the fun.

Repping Athens, Georgia — the band have all the sweet charm of the South that you can definitely feel through their music; it’s a welcoming invitation to their dance floor. With a bubbling fusion of electro treats, Reptar create music that will make you bounce. The band combines pulsating influences from African beats, post-punk and psych-pop to produce a sound of music that you can’t help but move along with to the sonic waves of bliss.

Reptar’s debut LP, Body Faucet, produced by Ben Allen (Animal Collective, Deerhunter, Washed Out), is a sing-along banger that would more than likely be a great soundtrack to the next Rugrats feature film. Previous songs from their Oblangle Fizz Y’all EP, such as “Stuck In My Id” and “Rainbounce” are playful and full of energy — and exactly what every dance floor needs.

If you’re a fan of L.A.’s very own White Arrows or bands such as Passion Pit and .fun, you’ll definitely dig the vibrant taste of Reptar. They’re headlining the Echoplex on Sunday, Sept. 23 with support from Rubblebucket. Tickets are priced at $14 via TicketFly and $16 at the door. Tickets are still available here!

Words: Sandra Burciaga