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For those that enjoy that old-timey Americana roots sound, with a touch of downhome blues — Massachusetts’, the Dire Honeys are just the sweet dose of new music you need to add to your iTunes library. The darling East Coast vixens are as fresh as newly plucked roses and began creating music together in December of 2011 and have been performing since August. The Dire Honeys are comprised of Lena Schmid on rhythm guitar/drum kit; Mia Valentini on vocals/mandolin/fiddle; and Vanessa Chatwood Kerby on vocals/tenor banjo/flute. These talented ladies project some interesting lyrics that are sometimes sweet and sassy with a fair amount of salt. They are honest and raw, but smoothed over with a dash of honey.

Sounds like:  A beautiful classic sound of early American roots with sultry vocals that touch a soft spot in your heart. These ladies croon while making you swoon. The Dire Honeys revel in the old times, simple tunes, wholesome harmonies and lyrics inspired by their lives and those who have come in — and those who have gone out.

Why we like them: Fed up with the amount of dedication and time they were putting into good-for-nothing men, who give nothing back (sorry, boys) — the three young ladies decided to come together, as creative women, to make something fantastic and completely all their own. Their influences include but aren’t  limited to: Odetta, Hank Williams Jr, Abner Jay, Karen Dalton, Etta James, Loretta Lynn, Screamin Jay Hawkins, Motown and anything that makes you wanna shake your bones.

Best songs: So far there are only three song via their EP, but we really dig “Lay Lay.” It’s heartfelt and powerful with a classic backyard blues strum. “Lawny” is a lovely ballad that tells a sweet story. It’s the kind of song that gets stuck in your head and makes you want to sing-along.

Three words to describe them: Timeless – Honest – Beautiful

Upcoming releases: The band is presently working on writing songs and arrangements for a full-length record. They currently have a self-titled EP out. You can listen to it via their Band Camp.

Upcoming L.A. show dates: Summer of 2013 – we will keep you updated!

Interesting tidbit: The Dire Honeys have tri-telepathic capabilities and were raised by deer.

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