Death Grips Short Film: Come Up and Get Me

No need to turn-up the volume, Death Grips have created a silent film (well, almost). Check out Death Grips’ short film for “Come Up and Get Me,” off the free album that broke them, No Love Deep Web. The video is in black-and-white and plays like an artistic short film. Like many great artists and musicians, “Come Up and Get Me” shows the punk-rap frontman, MC Ride (Stefan Burnett) weirding out at the infamous and luxurious Chateau Marmont in Hollywood.

The film is pretty dope and something very unexpected from Death Grips. Watch the entire film. It stars off silent, but after about nine minutes the bass heavy planetary beats burst in and shit gets warped along MC Ride’s fierce flows.

What do you think about Death Grips’ short film for “Come Up and Get Me”? Let us know in a comment below.

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