Kisses - Kids in L.A. - Album Review

Los Angeles duo, Kisses (aka Jesse Kivel and Zinzi Edmundson) have released their sophomore album Kids in L.A. today, Tuesday May 14 (Cascine). The album’s clean, mature synth-pop sound really shines with British pop guru Tim Larcombe (Lana Del Rey, Sugababes) and Saint Etienne’s Pete Wiggs at the producing helm. Yet, the album still maintains a balance of seriousness and playfulness, teetering between the two with ease. Kisses lyrically touch upon youthful romanticism and hyper emotion but without, thankfully, ever falling too deep into teenage ego. The album engages an exploration and bond to our adolescence while tuning into a specific L.A. youth experience. The burgeoning narrative of the state of limbo between adolescence and adulthood that begins to develop as self awareness kicks in, is the more intriguing matter. One thing’s for certain, they are growing up and I’m looking forward to hearing what awaits them in adulthood.

Three Words to Describe Kids in L.A.:  Romanticism – Youthfulness – Ch-Ch-Changes.

This Album Would Go Well With:  House parties. 80s cult classic movie nights.

Favorite Tracks:  “The Hardest Part” – The balls-to-the-wall bass groove and the slicing metallic drum hits instantly key in this early track as the synth-pop, dance floor hit prophecy is realized.  The lyrics claim that “falling in love, is the hardest part,” but when it comes to this song, it’s the easiest part.

“Air Conditioning” – This 80s freestyle beat-driven song evokes a moody quality that mirrors my current need and desire for air conditioning (to beat the L.A. heat). The effects laden ooo wah ba ba vocals, subtle harmonies and dramatic pauses push this song along real good.

“Adjust Glasses” – Youthful romanticism at its finest, corralled by Zinzi’s soft, swoon. Simply satisfying.

Upcoming Show Dates:

5/13 – Sacramento – Midtown Barfly
5/14 – San Francisco – Rickshaw Stop
5/16 – San Diego – The Griffin5/17 – Santa Ana – Constellation Room
6/19 – Los Angeles – Troubadour

Album Review: Emily Saex

Kisses Kids in LA Cover

Artist: Kisses
Album: Kids in L.A.
Label: Cascine
Release Date: May 14, 2013

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