Photos: Cold Cave at Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock

Cold Cave played a packed sold-out show last night at Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock. We last caught Cold Cave open up for Divine Fits at the Fonda Theatre  (with a fierce full band) and they were mesmerizing. Last night’s Eagle Rock show unfortunately did not feature a full band, but it was still a great show. The place was flooded with youngins as it was an all-ages concert — which was kind of funny since you have to be at least 18 to enter Boyd Rice’s Website. He was the interesting opening act for the evening and he also lent his musical skills once Cold Cave hit the stage.

Check out our photos of Cold Cave and Boyd Rice at Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock!

Photography: Luis Wolf Rodríguez


Cold Cave photos

cold cave photos

Cold Cave photos


boyd rice photos

For more photos of Cold Cave and Boyd Rice, click through the photo gallery below!

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