Win Brunch for Two and Bottomless Mimosas at El Cid in Silver Lake

Win Brunch for Two and Bottomless Mimosas at El Cid in Silver Lake

A few weeks ago we gave away a delicious and unique Flamenco dinner for two at El Cid, now we want you to have the opportunity to experience a fun brunch at this historical Silver Lake gem. If you’re 21-and-over, we’re giving you the chance to win a tasty brunch for two at El Cid that included bottomless mimosas. You can choose from any of El Cid’s brunch menu items such as their Chilaquiles Veredes or Pan Fried French Toast. Brunch hours are 11am – 3pm every Sunday on the patio.

Does this sound great to you? Enter our contest below for a chance to win a patio brunch for two with bottomless mimosas at El Cid in Silver Lake.



1. First make sure you’re following Grimy Goods on Twitter!

2. Next, send this Tweet:

Hey @GrimyGoods I wanna win a patio brunch for 2 w/ bottomless mimosas at @ElCidla (@ElCidRestaurant) Silver Lake

3. Last, leave a comment on this post with a good reason as to why you want to win a patio brunch for two with bottomless mimosas at El Cid in Silver Lake. Be sure to include your correct email so we can notify you if you win.

We will select a winner on Tuesday, June 25! The winner will be notified by email, and announced via Twitter and our Facebook. Good luck!

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31 thoughts on “Win Brunch for Two and Bottomless Mimosas at El Cid in Silver Lake

  1. Deidra Prescott

    Recently I spent 18 days in a burn unit, My husband has dealt with so much that I would love to take him somewhere for all the things he has done and will have to for me, /he has shown how devoted he is to me, he is amazing

  2. shredne

    I could really use a free brunch for two! There’s a certain young lady I’d like to treat to a bottomless Mimosa! (P.S., My nickname is “Joe Mimosa”).

  3. Consuela Morales-Streit

    I’d love to be able to take my wife to brunch at El Cid’s for our anniversary on July 3rd. We got married in 2008 after same-sex marriage was legalized and we’re one of the 1,800 couples that are still legally married (5 years and counting). We’ve actually been together 12 years now. This year has been pretty rough on us financially, and we really cannot afford to do anything fancy so this would be a wonderful surprise for her.

  4. Taylor

    Because ya gurl just turned 21 a month ago and she needs to get started on day drinking and what is a better way than drinking some mimosas? I love food and I’m a poor college student who needs to ball on a budget. Here’s some cheesiness to make this comment all ~sweet~, my boyfriend always treats me to meals and dates and I want to be able to take him on one and have a nice Sunday together.

  5. Frank Campbell

    I have always wanted to visit the El Cid and I hear their brunches are amazing. I would love to win, this seems like a great opportunity to discover this amazing place!

  6. luis wolf

    it’s my GF’s bday weekend and I’ve spent most of my money on photography equipment 🙂 plus, I been wanting to go to this and I love Flamenco , i been to spain a few times 🙂

  7. Brittany Rogy

    What’s a reason for NOT wanting to win brunch?! The best thing about weekends.

    My boyfriend & I were going to stay in this weekend (he’s been holed up on the couch with a bad sprained ankle all week), but this would give us a good excuse to get out …even if he is on crutches 😉

  8. katrina mitchell

    My 46th Birthday is July 1st, what a way to celebrate with my husband of 15 yrs of marriage for my perfect gift!! To sit on a patio having brunch. Just for us to relax an enjoy are day away from our 5 beautiful children that we love so dearly that I need some me time!!

  9. Samantha Taylor

    Mimosas are one of my favorite things. Their bubbly, citrus, sweet goodness with eggs&hashbrowns it the perfect way to start any Sunday, and I feel like most people would agree. It’s not often I get Sundays free, but I’d love to spend one of my upcoming ones at El CID, sipping on the bubbly, eating a delicious brunch.

  10. Jenna

    As a freshly turned 21-year-old, (6/9/92 so you know it’s real) the concept of approved drinking during the day, let alone in the morning(ish) is still foreign to me. When I head the words “brunch” and “bottomless mimosas,” I get all tingly inside. PLS GRIMY GOODS, as a late birthday gift! x

  11. Firdaus

    Because I want to spend my weekend lazing in the Silverlake sunshine with a belly full of good food and champagne, having discovered a new favorite brunch place thanks to Grimy Goods!

  12. Firdaus

    Because brunch is the best meal and who doesn’t want to spend the best meal of the weekend lazing in some Silverlake sunshine with bottomless champagne and orange juice and a belly full of amazing food?

  13. Carlos P.

    I would love to win this because I used to go to Silverlake pretty much every other Saturday to hit up Little Temple. That was the place to be on Saturday nights. I’ve always heard of El Cid but never got around to experiencing it but as everyone I talked to said, that place was and is definitely worth checking out. What better way to do that than with mimosas in the patio brunch. Hope I win!

  14. Brendon Goldwasser

    I want to win this patio brunch for two because first of all, I love brunch with a passion that cannot be matched. It’s my favorite meal. Secondly, I love the combination of champagne and orange juice, it just blows my mind how something so simple can be so amazing. I would enjoy this, as would my girl. Let’s make it happen GG!

  15. Daniel Budsy

    because I’m a food nut and have never been to El Cid and am starting to feel like a real ass.

    i tweeted as well.

  16. kolpin

    GG–You didn’t pick me to win the El Cid dinner for me and my ballroom dancing dad, so I bet you feel pretty badly–esp since he’s now out of the country for the next few months. So I know you wanna make it up to me by letting me bring my boyfriend to brunch. He’s stuck by me while I’ve been unemployed for the last couple of years, so between you and me, I’d like to retain some pride by telling him that I’m “treating” him to brunch. maybe after he’s had a mimosa or ten, I’ll let it slip that I won it. who knows, maybe he’ll think I was born under a lucky star.

  17. Cheryl Oberon

    I haven’t had a Sunday Funday in way too long because I’m always working, but I would Take a day off in a heartbeat for a free bottomless brunch. Thanks!!

  18. Whitney Vickers

    I live in Silverlake and love El Cid, so obviously I’d love this. However, my sister’s girlfriend has been recently cut off by her parents for being a lesbian, and as a student with no job, is forced to live under our roof for a little while. I’d love to win this for my sister and her wonderful, brave girlfriend for sticking up to her parents and being true to herself. They deserve a reward for the hardships their DNA had caused them.
    I do not have a twitter, so maybe that disqualifies me, but I thought I’d try! Sister and her girlfriend are both over 21.
    Thanks Grimy Goods!!

  19. sarahzeee

    Would love a nice patio brunch with my fiance! We don’t get to Silverlake nearly enough and it’s so nice up there. These westsiders need an east side brunch! 🙂

  20. 3po1nt0 (@3po1nt0)

    Great contest! I’ve been to El Cid for a few concerts but have not had a meal there before. Patio brunch with bottomless mimosas sounds amazing…an excellent way to spend a Sunday 🙂

  21. Cristina

    Because I don’t win contests very often, if at all, and it’d be nice to rub it in my boyfriend’s face (cause he usually wins everything). And I love Mimosas! 😉

  22. Dylan Kirk

    I can only think of one reason why I would love the Brunch for two…. Afternoon Delight… Trust me, with how difficult it is to make that happen in LA, I can use all the help I can get!

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