Hot Band Alert: Michael Rey and The Woebegones

Hot Band Alert- Michael Rey and The Woebegones

Based out of Fontana (aka Fontucky), Michael Rey and The Woebegones are a delicious blast-to-the-past. Blending the timeless blues sounds of the Mississippi delta with some sweet lo-fi doo-wop, Michael Rey and The Woebegones have a raw classic sound that buzzes with a modern style and edge making them a sweet addition to today’s line-up of revival bands. Quite easy on the eyes, the band is composed of Justine Brown on bass, Rob Rozema on organ, Daniel Flores on drums, and Fronted by singer/songwriter Michael Rey.

Sounds like: a vintage Marshall amp fell into a swamp and spit our some frogs singing the blues! Michael Rey has a gritty, yet sweet voice that can croon like a dirty swamp-man singing the blues on his lonesome porch, or soar like a doo-woppin’ heartthrob vying to win the hearts of his female fans. They have an undeniably charming sound no matter how grimy they get.

Why we like them: Michael Rey and The Woebegones are like that final slice of apple pie; even if you dropped it on a dusty, hairball-ridden floor — you’d still be down to eat that shit up no matter how dirty it got. They combine a dirty blues rockin’ sound that is sprinkled with sweetness through out every track.

Best songs: “Play Pretend” is a classic throwback to doo-wop with a modern garage blend that makes you want to shimmy and just sing-along with the chorus. Newer songs such as “Miss You” have a solid blues vibe, while songs such as “Gone” bring the kittens out on the dance floor as thought it were Elvis coming to town!

Three words to describe them: Gritty — Sweet — Fuzzy

Upcoming / Recent releases: They just released a 5-track EP this past May titled, Let The Good Times Roll. You can stream the EP here or name your own price to purchase it!

Upcoming L.A. show dates: FREE show at the Down & Out in DTLA on July 7 FREE show at La Cita on July 12

Interesting tidbit:  Michael Rey and The Woebegones moonlight as strippers, dancing at various clubs across the U.S. to a sexy blues theme … No, no they don’t. But they’re pretty interesting, you can follow them on Facebook, Tumblr and/or Instagram to get to know them!

Have a Listen and Watch Them Live:

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