Win Tickets to the L.A. Street Food Festival at the Rose Bowl

Win Tickets to the L.A. Street Food Festival at the Rose Bowl

The fourth annual L.A. Street Food Festival is happening this Saturday, June 29 at the wold famous Rose Bowl from 5 – 9pm! Get ready to eat and drink your hearts out, for the L.A. Street Food Festival is a foodie’s wet-dream. Choose from mini pork belly BLTs and tempeh reuben tacos, to singaporean chile crab gumbo and potato roasted poblano tacos and many more savory treats. But, it doesn’t stop there! Satisfy your sweet-tooth with buttermilk beer beignets, coconut curried rice crispy treats, red velvet bacon cupcakes, and dozens of delectable desserts. Again, it doesn’t stop there. Those 21-and-over can enjoy some refreshing cocktails such as a Grand Poppy and FruitLab Jasmine cocktail from the Greenbar Distilery, or cool off with a  Liquid Nitrogen Frozen Otter Pop from Soigné. Is your mouth watering yet? Ours sure are!

Oh, but what about the music!? On the Main Stage, visitors can enjoy guest performances from Jessica Childress, most recently seen on this season’s The Voice, California indie band Tommy and The High Pilots, and alternative cover band Black Crystal Wolf Kids while dining on the field. There will also be music from DJ Bianca, JACK FM on the concourse and mariachi in the Taste of Mexico area.

Tickets to the L.A. Street Food Festival are priced at $50 and you can purchase them here. Thanks to our friends at the L.A. Street Food Festival, we have a couple pairs of tickets to give away. You must have a valid Twitter or Instagram to enter our contest.


1. First make sure you’re following Grimy Goods on Twitter! AND / OR Follow Grimy Goods via Instagram at @GrimyGoods. You can enter our L.A. Street Food Festival giveaway via Twitter, Instagram or both! Enter both ways to increase your chances.

2. Via Twitter, send this Tweet:

Hi @GrimyGoods I wanna eat & drink all the deliciousness happening this Saturday at @LAfoodfest! Let me win tix!

(Via Instagram, head over to our Instagram page (@GrimyGoods) for directions on how to enter the contest via Instagram.)

3. Last, leave a comment on this post with what treats and eats you would love to try at the L.A. Street Food Festival. You can find a compete list of all the mouth-watering tastings here. Be sure to submit your correct and valid email address when leaving a comment so we can notify you of your win.

We will select winners on Thursday, June 27! The winners will be notified by email, and announced via Twitter, Instagram and our Facebook. Good luck!

For more information about the L.A. Street Food Festival, click here. To enter other Grimy Goods contests, click here.

59 thoughts on “Win Tickets to the L.A. Street Food Festival at the Rose Bowl

  1. ColoAmericano

    Gonna cruise to Currywurst for fried pork sausage, segue to Españolita Food & Imports to shoot some Gazpacho, linger to Lazy Ox Canteen for anything pork belly, make my way to Maestro’s sausage for just that, shimy to Sushi Roku for a handroll, tuck & roll to Lobos Truck for badass butter chicken, wolf down various empanadas at World Empanadas, tumble to Trattoria Neapolis for Avocado Caesar Salad & Lamb Sausage mini-corndogs, fly with a float from Float, suck down a salted caramel at Donut Snob, capped off with Salted Caramel Corn popcorn from Z Confections washed down my sorrows with Singha beer. GAME, SET, MATCH BIATCHES!

  2. Sandy Post author

    Hey Olivia A., you won two tickets to the LA Street Food Fest this Saturday at the Rose Bowl. Please check your email to confirm your win by 10am tomorrow! Cheers!

  3. Daniel S


  4. Ashleigh

    Definitely the Cheeseburger Dumplings, creamed corn tacos, sock it to me fried chicken, and the cheesy mac and rib. Apparently I like cheese and meat. And now I’m starving. Great.

  5. Courtney Kay

    To be honest, I will probably try most of these items if my stomach allows. I would love to eat Cochina pibil, as its one of my favorite Mayan-type foods. I am also a huge fan of the Grilled Cheese Truck, so am looking forward to their delicious concoctions. Ceviche seemed to be a trend on the menu list, and that is my all-time fave summer dish, so that will definitely be consumed. The rest all sound so delicious I can’t single them out without feeling bad about it!

  6. Deprise Brazel

    The Grilled Cheese Truck always looks delish at First Fridays, but I have yet to try (I mean devour) their food.
    And since I have a sweet tooth, I have my eye on Float as well.

  7. Dung Tran

    I want to try the Beignet truck, Lobo, and Grilled Cheese. WIll be the first one I hit up.

  8. Jen S. Bankard

    The Duck Curried Meatball Sub sounds unusual and potentially amazing. My mouth is watering just looking at this list!

  9. Julie

    I would like to try Loteria and Dantes Fried Chick, but they all sound yum. And maybe donut snob for dessert?

  10. Mel Calvillo

    Decisions Decisons. I can’t narrow it down. But i’ll gravitate towards the cheese.

  11. melissa c

    cant wait to have the grilled cheese truck’s cheesy mac & rib. And pretty much everything else.

  12. David

    Omg, ‘um…. all of the different tacos. And the sausages. And what does a fish wing taste like? Omg and Pho! And Ice cream.. and tea fluff? And otter pops. And a Daiguri. And wontons!! And Chorizo & Cheese Pizza… ~~D:

  13. Nancy bernal

    Tweeted!! 🙂
    Dog haus
    Taste of Mexico
    Sailor Jerry
    Korean BBQ wings

  14. Victoria

    Haven’t been able to go for a few years but the Beignets sound delicious!! Tweeted and followed, good luck everyone and I hope my entry isn’t too late!! 🙂

  15. Kat S.

    Don’t know what happened to my comments 🙁 but its nothing a cheeseburger dumpling from bling bling dumpling couldn’t fix <3 still want to win tickets!!!!

  16. Alexandria Ramirez (@rabbitholemedia)

    Grimy Goods! What up? I’m sooo looking forward to trying World Empanadas’ goods! My grandma is a world class empanada maker, so I want to see if they’re stuff measures up to Grandma! I mean, come on, Pork on Fire Empanadas? It’s pork… on FIRE for Godssake. Don’t even get me started on the Ice Cream Social… Now, Here’s my email: Thanks!

  17. kat S

    if this were any other contest I would hope equally that we all win tix, buttttt…. seeing that if food were a person I’d marry him ….. i hope that I win *fingers crossed” …. my selfish just came out in hopes of a saturday foodgasm. I cant wait to facebook/instagram/twitter/yelp about this. woo 🙂 #yummy #loveeveryone #pleasepickme #mytastebudsaregonnaloveme

  18. kat S

    Obviously I will do my bestest to try them all – I got my stretchy sweats ready to go, but there are a few places I will be willing to wait in a long ass line for:…

    Bling Bling Dumpling, El Arca, Fred 62, Badmaash, Mama Musubi, Lazy Ox, Starry Kitchen, and dante Fried Chicken 🙂

    Its gonna be a good saturday night, and a food-coma sunday 🙂

  19. Roxxyontherox

    Ice Cream Social on a hot day? Yeah, I’m there!! So, I’ll be seeing you Chuck-n-Chip, Churros Caliente, Dragon’s Whiskey Candy, Float, Fluff Ice, ICDC, The Cream ‘ Which. So many to choose from!!!

  20. Erica Kolsrud

    If I have to pick one, the butter chicken from badmaash. But I have been following LA Street Food Fest on Instagram and basically everything they post looks great! Can’t wait to eat all the food!

  21. Natahsa Dominguez

    Casa Oaxca
    Ceviche Project
    Grilled Cheese Truck
    Belly Bomz-BBQ
    CravOn By The Lime Truck
    Basically anything with avocado and cheese.

  22. Erica Kolsrud

    I’ve never had food truck food and am so excited for this event! And LAFoodFest has been taunting me with their instagrams of food they will have. But I have to say even though I want to try it all, I am most looking forward to the Butter Chicken!

  23. Tiffany L

    I would love to try everything, but if I would have to choose: Bigmista’s Barbecue, Candela Taco Bar, CravOn, Currywurst, Fred 62, Martinez’s Tacos, The Lobos Truck and The Beignet Truck.

  24. Tanya

    I tweeted! @tbenavid and I’m excited to try the donut snob, the grilled cheese truck and unlimited Singha! Thanks for the contest

  25. Michelle Foreman

    I want to try everything! Wait, I will try to give you my top few things I would love to try. Badass Butter Chicken, Sock it to me fried chicken, Buttermilk Beer Beignets, and everything else!!!!! I have wanted to go to this forever!!!!

  26. Pam

    Mariscos Jaliscos Shrimp Tacos, Dog Haus Pastrami Dogs, Grilled Cheese Truck Grilled Cheese and Rib, & Starry Kitchen Crab Gumbo!

  27. Taylor Sparkman

    Bling Bling Truck, Belly Bomz K-BBQ, Sky’s Tacos, Wicked Kitchen, Milagro Tequila and Sailor Jerry Rum. But plenty others I am sure that I will be at.

  28. Mark L.

    Tweeted! Grilled Cheese Truck and Belly Bomz K BBQ are some of my favs that I’m looking forward to!

  29. Alisa Araujo

    Lookin forward to lots of ceviches and tacos…and especially The Lobos Truck…always a fave 🙂

  30. Kadrian Alvarenga

    had the pleasure of going to this last year and can’t tell you what an amazing way to spend a day this is! took my mom last year for her birthday and we had pretty much everything, but especially loved the taco chefs from Tijuana and Baja, the cricket empanadas, and last year’s winner – DogHaus for their amazeballs hot dogs. looking to do a repeat this year!

    and of course, you can never go wrong with pig ear chicharrones from Lazy Ox.

  31. Super Chris (@Chris_Ortiz33)

    So many to choose from, but I’m most looking forward to trying;

    Bigmista’s Barbeque
    Dang Brothers Pizza
    Dante Fried Chicken
    Maestro’s Sausage
    Martinez’s Tacos
    Vagabond GrillYard
    Sugar Fix
    The Churro Borough
    Tonx Coffee

    It would be awesome to experience this event!!!

  32. KOLPIN

    the better question, dear grimy goods, is what WOULDN’T i want to stuff down my piehole. I can see one of my mangy paws grasping 2 of sushi roku’s lip-smacking baked crab rolls, while my other digits clutch javier plasencia’s charred octopus tacos (I’m ambidextrous). meanwhile I’ll stick one of bling bling’s oozy cheeseburger dumplings on the right side of my craw (chimpmunk style), leaving room for a savory bite of pupusa, straight down the middle. And of course my meal wouldn’t be complete without wearing a few dribbles of elvis ice cream down the front of my shirt. I gotta look grimy, GRIMY!!!

  33. Audrey Alba

    So many yummy choices!
    You’ll find me at:

    Belly Bomz-K-BBQ
    Bigmista’s Barbeque
    Candela Taco Bar & Lounge
    Dang Brother’s Pizza
    Dante Fried Chicken
    Nevera Juice bar

  34. Janelle

    Spicy Siracha Ketchup Fries caught my eye first. Than i started scrolling down!! THIS LINEUP IS AMAZING and I want to try everything, please.

  35. Cassandre Ballieau

    SOooo excited for the LA Food Fest and would be elated to win tickets!! All of the food tastings look amazing!! the Grilled CHeese station are you kidding!! I love anything wish Asian influence, so I’m especially interested in the 90210PHO, Belly Bomz K-BBQ, and Bling Bling Dumplings!!! My mouth is watering as we speak!! Please pick me! I promise I will use those tickets to their full purpose!

  36. Daniel S

    one must have an eating strategy when approaching events like this. to begin with:

    1) dont gorge. chew slowly and take your time or you will be done in 45 minutes, sitting on a wall fanning yourself, maybe even trying to eat something really sweet like sorbet to cleanse your pallet. but the reality is your ship will be sunk until next year and your only hope is to try to stuff some shit in your pockets for the next day.

    2) understand the nature of flavors and hunger. i like to go sweet-savory-sweet-savory, etc so this year, for example, i would start with a razzy lemon lulu donut then hit the chili crab gumbo then go back to a smoked vanilla buttermilk donut then down a baked crab hand roll then a churro ice cream sandwich followed by mini pork belly BLTS. back and forth, back and forth. this is to keep the senses fresh or you’ll stop tasting what your supposed to be tasting. sip water as well.

    3) use lines strategically. long lines are good sometimes! when you need time to digest or force yourself to slow down. they are regulators. work with them and they will work with you.

    4) dont be a dick. i see a lot of pushing and shoving at these events. those are amateurs who havent experienced the liberation of a food festival before. put the claws away!!! as long as you are there early, there is plenty to go around. be civil and remember your integrity!

    i could go on and on but it’s getting my hopes too high!! love your blog grimy goods!

  37. Vicky Ortiz (@Vix420)

    So many to choose from, but some I would love to try at the L.A. Street Food Festival are: Canvas Foods, Currywurst, Dang Brothers Pizza, Dante Fried Chicken, Dog Haus Dogs, El Arca Bakery & Restaurant, Fred 62, Jalisco’s Mobile Taco Grill, Martinez’s Tacos, 90210PHO, Julian Cox + Josh Goldman / Soigne, Sailor Jerry Rum. OMG! Can I just pick them all? 🙂

  38. Linda Martinez

    I’m drooling just reading all the yum available…..!! It’s all about planning and pacing one self as to not overload on just one spot. think I’d have to start of the Grilled Cheese truck for sure. Then wander along and enjoy the tastes, sights, sounds and the beautiful amazing smells this event is going to have. Taking my time with a friend and stopping at various spots that strike our fancy. The whole even sounds FabtastiK 🙂

  39. Michael Bush

    I might stick around La Flor de Yucatan, Yuca’s Kitchen, The Beignet Truck, Ceviche Project, Nevera Juice Bar, The Grilled Cheese Truck, The Lobos Truck, Rice Balls on Fire, and Wicked Kitchen.

    My appetite has been teased enough.

  40. adrienne dellinger

    Wow…I don’t know what a “Fish wing” is, but I REALLY want to find out. And follow that up with some vegan tempeh reuben, some cochinita pibil and lots and lots of micheladas….what an impressive lineup. *keeping fingers crossed*

  41. Olivia Avila

    Okay, I have issues … So that I did not copy and paste the WHOLE list… This is what I’ve come up with so far 😉 LOL

    The Beignet truck- Dessert. ‘Nuff said
    Churros Calientes- D e S S E R T
    Luckdish Curry
    Martinez’s Tacos- carne asana super nachos!!! Yes!
    Rice Balls on Fire- seriously need to try something that has a name like that!
    90210Pho – who doesn’t like Pho
    Belly Bomz K-BBQ – Korwan inspired WIngs?! Whattt?!
    El Arca Bakery- Pupusas!!!
    Cris Chuck Wagon – I come to find when they have wagon in their name you must try..

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