Win FREE Craft Cocktails for Two at the Virgil in Silver Lake

Win FREE Craft Cocktails for Two at the Virgil in Silver Lake2


Last month, around this time we gave away an opportunity for you and a friend to enjoy an evening of delicious craft cocktails at the Virgil in Silver Lake— and we thought to ourselves, why not do it again! We love the Virgil and it’s a bar we visit often not only because of their intimate shows and eclectic DJ sets, but the Virgil has an awesome jukebox, delicious old timey style drinks and sweet bartenders. Not to mention, they have a kick-ass all-night Happy Hour every Tuesday with $6 craft cocktails and $5 wells, $5 draft beers, $5 wines.

Here we go again, we’re giving away four drinks of yours and your guest’s choice, on the Virgil night of your choice. So that means you and your guest get two Virgil drinks each of your choice! This can only be used for one night/visit and you must be 21-AND-OVER. We will select a winner on Sunday, Aug. 11.



1. First make sure you’re following Grimy Goods on Twitter!

2. Next, send this Tweet:

Hey @GrimyGoods, I’m 21-&-over & would love to win an evening of #craftcocktails for two at @theVirgil in Silver Lake!

3. Last, leave a comment on this post with a good reason as to why we should award you with free craft cocktails at the Virgil in Silver Lake. Be sure to include your correct email so we can notify you of your win. Your email will only be visible to us at now one else.

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37 thoughts on “Win FREE Craft Cocktails for Two at the Virgil in Silver Lake

  1. Arin S.

    I should win because I am THE future bartender. The master of cocktails. The mixologist of this century. Always good to sample what I’ll be making in the future 😀

  2. Deidra Prescott

    It would be nice to surprise my husband with a night out….. He deserves it and I couldn’t think of a better way to get out and check out a new place!!!!!!

  3. adrienne dellinger

    My job is driving me to drinking…and some free ones at one of my favorite bars would be amazing!@

  4. Ivannia Ramirez

    I love the Virgil especially on Thursday nights for Funkmosphere! funky beats and delicious drinks! Pick me!

  5. Francisco Flores

    Please pick me for the complimentary drinks , it would give me an excuse to stop on the red line station of Vermont/Santa Monica (or as I call it, the fly-over part of the city)

  6. Aisha Sandoval

    The place looks amazing! Gives me an excuse to be a child-free adult for the evening 🙂

  7. Kristen Coop

    I would love to explore more of silverlake and this is the perfect excuse to do so! Plus who doesn’t love a good drink and a good conversation. =)

  8. Lillian Fahey

    I should win because it was just my birthday about a week ago, and I want to take my awesome boyfriend out to drinks because he spoiled me by taking me to palm springs, and I need to start paying him back. Pick me! Yes! Do it 🙂

  9. Laura Perez

    Just finished a crazy Argument and Debate summer school class. I could totally celebrate working at Trader Joes and going to school full time. They both don’t come easy! I work my hardest. 🙂 I also want to check out the place. Looks wonderful.

  10. corakimi

    I would love to take my boyfriend out for a fun night of free drinks 🙂 And we’ve never been to the Virgil. Would love to check it out!

  11. carlos parga

    Definitely tried to win last time but didn’t Who wouldn’t want to claim that prize. Free drinks. What that person has lost, hopefully I gain. Cheers!

  12. Brenda

    I would love to win! Why? My boyfriend has been going through a lot, an aunt he used to live with is on life support, and he’s had a lot of things to worry about including money, he never wants to go out because he doesn’t want to spend money and I have to practically drag him out. I would love to take him out and have him not worry about buying any drinks.

  13. Franchesco Ramos

    Grimy Goods, you need a good reason? I’ll give it to you then. I’ve worked my whole summer away for the first time in my life because I finally got a stable job. Haven’t touched the pool in the last two months during my break from school or relaxed in front of a fan this summer. You know what would make it all worth it though, a good drink from The Virgil. Keep it classy Grimy Goods.

  14. Matthew Bamberg-Johnson

    Hey Grimy Goods- I would love some free drinks at the Virgil because my fiance and I just got out of Grad school and are the brokest we have ever been- but we like nice things, like your delicious drinks!

  15. Taylor Sparkman

    I just finished school and I am moving back to LA. What better way to welcome me back then to hook it up with great food and drinks?

  16. 3po1nt0 (@3po1nt0)

    It’s funny, I just drove by The Virgil the past 2 nights heading to Dodger Stadium and thought about this contest/offer. If it’s still available, I’d love to try out their beverages!

  17. Butters

    The original winner totally snoozed on this awesome win! I’ve never been to the Virgil and this sounds like it would be terrific!

  18. John Wagner

    I’d love to get a few free drinks so I can just put my money into the Virgil’s jukebox, which in my opinion has one of the best selections on the eastside.

  19. Courtney Kay

    I love trying new & interesting food & drinks as often as possible. After reading the description for their Blazing Saddle cocktail, I knew this contest was for me. I mean, really…habanero tequila, smoked sea salt, pomegranate, and raspberry all in one drink?! The simple fact that is an option is mind boggling. and exciting.
    And the best part is I already know which of my friends would love to try The Eastside drink. But can you ever really go wrong with some cucumber and lime in an alcoholic beverage? I think not.

  20. Firdaus D.

    Exploring new parts of LA is one of my favorite activities now because I spent the last year applying to med school and never had the time. The Virgil was always on the list and this would give me 1 more excuse (as if I didn’t already have so many) to spend a great evening on a finally free weekend sipping on an amazing whiskey cocktail and taking in anything (music, people, comedy, whatever!) The Virgil could off up.

  21. Deidra Prescott

    I was recently burned on several spots on my body and spent 18 days in the hospital. I would love to win this to take my husband out because he so deserves it after having to take care of me now that I’m home

  22. adrienne dellinger

    I have been dying to go a comedy night at the Virgil and this would sweeten the pot! Their cocktails are amazing.

  23. Nate h

    I would love to take my girlfriend the Virgil after the Dodger game tonight! Make it happen, Grimy Goods!

  24. Tanya

    I would love to try out Virgil since I’ve heard great things about it but never had the opportunity to make it there. Thanks for the chance!

  25. Linda Tovar

    Hello! I should be awarded because I’ve never been to The Virgil and I would love to experience what this establishment has to offer. I’m from Pasadena and would love to get out more and experience other cities uniqueness. Thank you for your time and consideration. Have a fantastic day!

  26. 3po1nt0

    Free drinks at The Virgil? This has all the makings of an amazing post-work excursion. Metro Red Line to and from for safe travels and cool libations perfect to satiate during the upcoming heat wave. Count me in!

  27. Lennon Lara

    I should win because I live up the street from the Virgil and I can walk home – Drink Responsibily! 😉

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