Capture Your Live Concert Experience with LiveRiot!

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Attending as many shows as we do, we see a lot of familiar faces — and we also notice just how many of you are always dedicated to capturing the live show experience, whether through iPhone photos on your Instagram or live video of your favorite songs. I bet you wish you could listen to your live videos with clear and smooth sound, just as crisp as it was at the actual concert. Unfortunately, recording live music is usually muffled and slaughtered with interference.

Well, guess what? There’s an app for that, and it’s called LiveRiot. Created by people that actually love music, LiveRiot is a collaboration between Highland Park musician Robert James and Silver Lake software developer Charles Zivko. When music and tech come together, you know it’s going to be rad for all parties, from the fans to the bands and then some.

With the LiveRiot app you can capture your favorite live music moments with all your original footage, minus the crappy muffled sound. LiveRiot auto-syncs the HD video shot on your mobile device with the audio from the venue’s soundboard. Pretty badass idea, right? The audio enhanced video is then automatically uploaded to the LiveRiot artist and fan pages and can be easily shared via Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook creating an online community where live music takes center stage.

LiveRiot will be at Echo Park Rising this Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 17 & 18. Let’s make your favorite local acts go viral with some immaculate sounding live videos made by the fans and the Los Angeles communities that love them.

To learn more, check out LiveRiot at, visit their campaign at, and be sure to see them in action at the Echo Park Rising main stage at Taix Restaurant (1911 W. Sunset Blvd).

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