Photos: Rock the Bells 2013 Feat. A$AP Rocky, Danny Brown, Juicy J & More

Anyone who went to Rock the Bells is more than aware that it was one hell of a festival. Acts such as Wu-Tang Clan, Rakim, Juicy J, and more took over the second day. If people thought the first day was a day full of great music, the second day was even better! By better I mean crazier!

When Danny Brown performed a mosh pit was created and the result looked like the fans had been hit by a dust storm. Arguably, Juicy J made his fans go completely berserk as everyone was dancing and jumping up and down, even the lady in charge of the photography pit! People really lost their shit when Wu-Tang Clan performed and brought out a hologram version of the late, Ol’ Dirty Bastard. It was a wild two days full of memories we won’t forget.

Check out our Rock The Bells photo gallery below! You can also view our photo gallery from day one of Rock the Bells by clicking here.

Photos by Ryan Bussard

A$AP Rocky

rock the bells photos

rock the bells photos booty photos

Young Dirty Bastard

rock the bells photos

rock the bells photos

Juicy J

rock the bells photos

rock the bells photos

Joey Bada$$

rock the bells photos

rock the bells photos

The Internet

rock the bells photos

rock the bells photos

Danny Brown

rock the bells photos

rock the bells photos


rock the bells photos


leacrae photos rock the bells photos


dizzy right photos rock the bells





11 thoughts on “Photos: Rock the Bells 2013 Feat. A$AP Rocky, Danny Brown, Juicy J & More

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  2. Aaron Brandis

    The Danny Brown photo is my favorite from LA Day 2, looks like Danny has his Halloween look already sorted out!!

  3. Hannah Sciurba

    The picture of Lecrae is pretty magical. Rock The Bells is about so much more than just hip-hop…it’s about true artists expressing themselves with a massive crowd of people for support. And I don’t mean financial support; buying albums, tshirts, etc. I mean actual moral support. Getting on stage and putting yourself out there is one of the hardest things you can do when you’re honest. RTB is an opportunity to be completely honest with thousands of people and not be judged. @shesintheband

  4. Jessica Celi

    My favorite picture has got to be The Internet one. A lot of people seem to think that listening to Hip Hop and rap is all trash, that all that’s talked about is the money, women, and drugs… But hip hop is an outlet, a way for an individual to express him or herself through pure creativity from one’s mind, from the life they’re living by, the things they have gone through. It’s more then beats and flows, it’s emotion and heart that is put into lyrical verses and it’s even better when you can relate.

  5. Diego Sanchez

    The I am a Hip Hop Baby picture is my favorite because it is awesome to see kids at hip hop shows. Many people associate Hip Hop shows as a place in which violence takes places and even though there are fights every now and then, most people go there to enjoy the music and have a good time. Great shot by the way.

  6. Stephen Manzano

    That hip hop baby reminds me of Bizzy Bone, before he left the group the first time. Those were the good ol’ days.

  7. Linda Vazquez

    I Love A$AP Rocky picture! He knows how to demand the attention of the audience without any effort and I would love to see him perform live. My friend just went this past weekend to the LA ROCK THE BELLS and she had a blast. Would love to visit the bay area and get to see all of these amazing artists perform. It reminds me of the good ol days when I was kid, listening to Hip-Hop with my older siblings 🙂

  8. Michael Orellano

    The hype is real!!! i’ve been dying to go to RTB in Sf for the last 3 years. ive never been to a concert, actually! so hookin it up with some tix would be awesome!!1 – @InvisiblePanda

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