Photos: The Dead Ships with Wake Up Lucid at the Satellite

Our good friends and talented L.A. favorites, the Dead Ships, put on slaughtering rock show at the Satellite to celebrate their bloody damn good new video for “Golden Room.” And notice the emphasis on “bloody” — not trying to be of the Commonwealth here, just stating the facts of how bloody the video may, or may not get …

The evening’s performance was also in celebration for the release of the split 7″ vinyl of the Dead Ships “Golden Room” and Wake Up Lucid’s “I want”. Wake up Lucid also put on a hell of a performance, along with Tapioca and the Flea and Tulips. It was a pretty stacked house for these local faves. Were you there? Check out our photo gallery below!

Photography by Angela Holtzen


the dead ships photos

the dead ships live photos



tapioca and the flea photos

tapioca and the flea photos



wake up lucid band photos

wake up lucid band photos



tulips band photo


Click through the photo gallery below for more photos of all the bands!

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