6 International Acts You Must See at Culture Collide 2013

the deer tracks photoThe Deer Tracks at One Eyed Gypsy – Photo: Will Tee Yang

So, Filter Magazine’s annual Culture Collide festival kicked of yesterday with performances by Iceage, Fuck Buttons and more (stay tuned for our photo gallery), but this weekend is where the hurricane of bands hits East Hollywood. From TAIX to Lot 1, the Echo/Echoplex and more awesome underground venues — there’s a lot of music to be seen and heard. Now, we can tell you to see our favorite U.S. acts that you’ve seen multiple times (NO, Bleached, Incan Abraham, etc.), and we can also tell you to see the ever so popular International acts that touch U.S. soil often to put on some epic shows (Raveonettes, King Khan & the Shrines, etc.) — but we rather discover some obscure acts not from the U.S. for you to start getting into.

Below are 5 international acts you must see at Culture Collide. We even made a playlist of some of their best songs so you can listen to while you finish your work day.

1. Bombay Show Pig (Netherlands) – This duo is sweet and spicy. They have a sound that is both serene and straight out of a fairytale, and vibrant full of electro rock explosions. Bombay Show Pig will move you!

2. The Pack A.D. (Canada) – Heavy bass lines, rolling drums and babely rock-supreme vocals — the Pack A.D. are two badass babes that play fucking rock ‘n’ roll. Nuff said!

3. Float Fall (Belgium) – If you love the xx, you will love Float Fall. After listening to their song “Someday” we almost thought they were the xx! Needless to say, they are still original in their own lovely melodies and soaring souds.

4. The Copper Gamins (Mexico) – For those that love sludgy, bass heavy garage ‘n’ blues, this duo from South of the border will have you shakin’ all over. They’re clearly a badass bunch.

5. The Deer Tracks (Sweden) – They’ve played two L.A. shows that past two years and it’s always a very magical and special treat when we get to see the Deer Tracks live. With music that is enchanting, yet powerful in their electronic craft, the Deer Tracks sweep you away in their forest nymph electronica.

6. The Great Wilderness (Costa Rica) – Heavily influenced by British post-punk, these Ticas will take you on a fuzzy shoegaze daydream like never before. With eerie murmuring vocals that are at times hard to make out, the Great Wilderness will swallow you whole with their twinkling guitar cords and dark thrashing vibes.

Click here for their set times and venues! And press play below to stream an awesome playlist of songs by the aforementioned artists!

Grimy Goods' 6 International Acts You Must See at Culture Collide 2013 from sandra.burciaga on 8tracks Radio.

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