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UPDATE: Jan: 7 at 5:31 p.m. — Now this is more our speed! Coachella has shared Motorhead via their Twitter and Facebook! Check it out here!

UPDATE: Jan. 7 at 10:55 a.m. — Coachella has shared via Twitter and Facebook, yet another performer. This time it’s Future Islands! Check it out here!

UPDATE: Jan. 6 at 3:16 p.m. — Coachella has shared via Twitter and Facebook, yet another performer. This time it’s Bonobo! Check it out here!

It’s that time of year where music fans all over the world get infected with Coachella fever. For the past years, the infamous Southern California music festival, Coachella has announced it line-up during the month of January. In 2013, Coachella announced their festival line-up on January 24 while in 2012 the festival line-up was announced on January 4, and on January 18 in 2011. So where does that leave us for this year? When will Coachella announce its 2014 line-up? Rumor has it, it may be as soon as this week.

One Dec. 13, Coachella started their annual fan teasers with a funny Mr. Ed-like horse on the polo field shot over their Twitter and Facebook. From there they have been pretty consistent with the photo clues, but what really took us by surprise was that Coachella began to announce what looks like their 2014 line-up. On Jan. 2 they posted a music video by the Magician Club via their social media profiles which was then followed by The Internet, Glitch Mob, Bombino, and Factory Floor. All this in a matter of four days. We can only assume that the aforementioned bands are part of the 2014 Coachella line-up announcement. Now, will Coachella continue to leak performing bands or will they slap us with a full line-up announcement sooner than later? We’re hoping for the latter.

A few rumors of what bands are playing Coachella 2014 are as followed: the Kinks, Daft Punk, Lorde, Arcade Fire, Outkast, Neutral Milk Hotel, CHVRCHES, HAIM, Empire of the Sun, Pixies, Placebo, Nine Inch Nails, M.I.A. and more. Naturally, like every year adding to the Coachella buzz — fans have already started creating their faux 2014 Coachella line-up posters. Scroll down to view a wishful version with some pretty plausible acts.

Coachella 2014 will take place over two glorious weekends of music. Weekend one will pop of April 11 – 13, followed by weekend two on April 18 – 20. Click here for more info.

Who do you think will perform at Coachella 2014? Let us know if a comment below!

Watch the 2014 Coachella video teaser below! Go far!


FAKE POSTER (as noted above)

fake 2014 coachella line up poster

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