Wax Children photo

If the beautiful chaos of psychedelia and shoegaze is your cup of musical tea, then you’ll want to get hip to Wax Children. From Los Angeles, Wax Children formed in April of 2012 and at one point were known as Django’s Tiger. While their first EP release Dreamsick (June 2012) had a more psychedelic surf pop sound, Wax Children decided to experiment more with the marriage of psychedelic rock and lo fi sound and thus created their Safe Hands EP which was released in January 2013 on Lolipop Records. Now the band composed of Mr. Wall (vocals & rhythm guitar), Cal Jones (lead guitar), Fieldhouse (Drums), and Loodah (bass guitar) have released their new EP, Angst. With eight tracks dripping of heavy reverb and delays, listening to Wax Children’s new album is like getting catapulted through a trippy tunnel of aural mayhem with sounds so heavy you can see the colors of their auras. Just watch the epic tunnel scene from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory to know what kind of psychedelic vibe we’re talking about here.

Interesting Tidbit: If Wax Children would perform with any three bands of their choice (dead or alive) it would be Pink Floyd, Radiohead and The Doors.

Get lost in the lusciously surreal and manic sounds of Wax Children and be sure to catch one of their upcoming shows. You can catch them for FREE tonight at the Continental Room in Fullerton with Dream Panther, The Littlest Viking and Technocrat — or at the Bootleg Bar on Jan. 23 with Francisco The Man and No Silver Bird (formerly the Hallucinations). Click here for tickets.

Below you can stream Wax Children’s new EP, Angst.