Top 5 Best Dressed Men in Hip Hop and R&B

Now that we’ve covered the who’s who of best dressed female hip hop and R&B artists, let’s focus our attention this time on the men. These five guys are sure to wow us this Sunday on the Grammy red carpet, giving us class, style, and sex appeal for days.

1. Pharrell Williams

Pharell has stepped up his game over the years. He’s moved on from neon BAPE hoodies to Ralph Lauren tailored suits and casual-chic button downs. I also love that he pairs prep style with street, combining fitted hats, Tims, and shades with amazing designer sport coats and chunky sweaters. I feel like Pharrell’s personal style is the love child of Polo and Diesel, and it works. Check for him on the red carpet, most likely sporting an Ocean’s Eleven inspired tailored three-piece.

Pharrell Williams fashion

2. Sean Combs

Say what you will about Puffy, but he still kills it in the style department. No matter the occasion, he’s always looking fly, either in a suit from his fashion line, Sean John, or a fabulous pinstriped Armani. He combines old school Hollywood glam with throwback Harlem style, and he pulls off gangster class with ease. Don’t expect anything less this Sunday, as I’m sure he’ll be a candidate for best dressed male.

sean combs fashion

3. Raphael Saadiq

Although he flies under the fashion radar, Raphael Saadiq’s style is undeniably unique, combining vintage Motown flair with Harlem hipster to create a new fashion aesthetic for the urban music crowd. Think thick black rimmed glasses, throwback suits, tweed page boy caps, and skinny ties. His look is grown and sexy and aligns nicely with his buttery smooth R&B sound. Look for him on the red carpet with a vintage-inspired black Cerruti suit, which he’ll no doubt fill out quite nicely.

Raphael Saadiq photos

4. Andre 3000

Andre 3000’s style personifies southern gentleman. While very few can pull off suspenders, gingham dress shirts, and straw skimmer hats without looking cartoonish, this Atlanta native makes the combination look sophisticated and downright sexy. His style has evolved from psychedelic funhouse to GQ don, and it shows that with time, Andre just keeps looking better.

Andre3000 photos

5. Jay Z

How could I not put Jay Z on this list? This boss baller has transformed into one of the most stylish artists of all time, and he does it with ease. From Yankee fitted caps to Purple Label suits, Jay can work both the boardroom and the street with a confidence level that’s through the roof. Every piece he wears looks perfectly suited to his taste, which I can only imagine is highly luxurious and way out of the average tax bracket. I can’t get mad at that – he’s setting the bar high for all men to dress with such assurance. How else do you think he scooped Beyonce?

Jay Z photos

Honorable Mentions: Common, T.I.

Words: Jane Dubz


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