Kendra Mckenzie photos

With alluring vocals and electronic beats that radiate with fierce energy, electro-soul siren Kendra Mckenzie has got it going on. From San Diego, by way of New York, the neo-soulstress embodies all the brilliant qualities of her iconic influences such as Donna Summer, Chaka Khan and Grace Jones — but she adds her own fresh electronic sound with buzzing synths, addictive melodies and rich vocal both seductive and endearing. To put it straight up, Mckenzie creates dance music that is cool. While most of the electronic heavy-hitters you hear on the radio pump out beats and mundane vocals that attract all the Hollywood club douches, Mckenzie’s dance bangers are something we can proudly get down to. It’s top-notch execution of indie electro dance music, and it’s very addictive.

Discovering a passion and talent for music at the young age of eight, Mckenzie carved her piano and songwriting notches early on and has now developed a sound that is fun, flirty and exquisite. Her prior career in high fashion and producing runway fashion shows lends to her colorful sound. Not to mention, Mckenzie can also serenade your soul in Spanish, French and Mandarin Chinese. This past April, Mckenzie released her Addicted To The Dance Floor EP (click here to stream it) bursting with six sensational tracks that garnered remixes with DJ’s from Holland, New York, San Francisco and more. Today, Kendra Mckenzie has released the official video for her song, “Addicted To The Dance Floor.” Directed and photographed by Shawn Butcher and produced by ViV Productions, the video paints a rousing image of the complete happiness and glowing exuberance that comes from dancing. Watch the video below and trust that it will indeed get you “addicted to the dance floor.”