The Record Company band photos
Photo by Ken Hughes

There’s blues bands that are too deep for you to understand, there’s blues bands that only belong in a beachside bro-bar where the only thing deep is the ocean, and then there’s blues bands that just get it right. L.A.’s The Record Company roll out a solid punch of blues with the perfect blend of elements that make their sound so great and something to be enjoyed by all. With flawless amounts of soul, jam, croon and incredible chord progressions, the Record Company fill our heavy craving for some proper blues that just “feels so good.”

Rejoice vinyl lovers, The Record Company’s Feels So Good EP is getting a limited edition vinyl release that expands the original EP with an ultra-rare B-Side containing three unreleased, extended-length jams. And let me tell you, they’re pretty damn amazing. Listen to “Superdead Sessions 4″ below. It’s a sexy falsetto-flying eight minute jam that will do well with the ladies. I for one can’t get enough of it. The limited edition 12” vinyl release will be out March 18th via Kill / Hurt Records. You can pre-order it here.

Be sure to catch The Record Company at the Hotel Cafe on Feb. 28th!

Feels So Good EP Track List
Side A:
01. Feels So Good (3:56)
02. Roll Bones (3:18)
03. Hard Day Coming Down (3:51)
04. Baby I’m Broken (3:37)
05. Darlin’ Jane (4:05)

Side B (previously unreleased):
01. Never Gonna Cry For Me (9:01)
02. Four Days Three Nights (3:27)
03. Superdead Sessions #4 (8:10)