This past Sunday, Grimy Goods hosted a Sunday night rock show at the Satellite with New York’s lady thrashers, Sharkmuffin and supporting Los Angeles acts, Rachel Goodrich & the Grrrls and Washing Machines. To top off an evening of great rock ‘n’ roll, the night was also a rock ‘n’ ride event where some 15 motorcyclists hopped on their Harleys and vintage BMWs to join the rock show (take a look at this photo).

The Brooklyn riot grrrl punk trio, Sharkmuffin headlined the evening with special guest drummer (and a Grimy Goods favorite), Patty Schemel — formerly of Hole, and currently in Death Valley Girls and Upset. Sharkmuffin’s resident drum thrasher, Janet LaBelle unfortunately had an arm injury, so Schemel sat in and what a pleasant surprise it was. Frontwoman and guitarist, Tarra Thiessen resembles a young Patti Smith with her tall stature and disheveled black hair, not to mention she’s not shy behind the mic. At times Thiessen would yell into her mic while getting down on her knees to make her guitar squeal. At one point she ditched the guitar and jumped off the stage and started to smash about in the crowd almost knocking some dude over (watch the video clip here). On the other side of the stage you have her tiny blonde counterpart, Natalie Kirch. She may be the size of an amp, but this adorable little shredder is a bass boss, no doubt about it. Sharkmuffin put on a radical set and judging by the movement and looks of the crowd, they just made a lot of new Los Angeles fans.

Before Sharkmuffin took the stage, Rachel Goodrich & the Grrrls put on a very awesome performance. With cute feminine vocals that soar as fierce as an eagle, Goodrich rocked about the stage with her guitar as she enchanted fans with her adoring vocals. These Grrrls were a very special treat for fans that had never seen them live. At least five people had stopped me while making my rounds to inquire about them.

Kicking off the night’s early set were the L.A. thrashers, Washing Machines. Holy shit, these kids are louder than My Bloody Valentine. After 14 years of hitting punk shows, Washing Machines are the tipping point as to why I’m finally wearing earplugs to shows (as much as I hate earplugs). So much reverb, so much fuzz and so much Nirvana flashbacks. Washing Machines had an insanely radical outro that was probably longer than any of their songs. They blew me and my left eardrum away!

Check out the photos below of Sharkmuffin, Rachel Goodrich & the Grrrls and Washing Machines at the Satellite.



Sharkmuffin photos Sharkmuffin photos Sharkmuffin photos Sharkmuffin photos Sharkmuffin photos

Rachel Goodrich & the Grrrls

Rachel Goodrich photos Rachel Goodrich photos

Washing Machines

Washing Machines band photos Washing Machines band photos Washing Machines band photos

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