L.A.’s Sir Sly cover Drake’s soft rap song, “Marvin’s Room”

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Of all the rappers one can choose from, it’s no surprise that an indie pop band would cover a song by Drake. I mean, c’mon, according to Ghostface Killah, Drake is like the “softest rapper” ever. The former Degrassi star sits nice and dorky in the #1 spot on Ghost’s 2013 list of “soft rappers”. So naturally, with the proper tuning and “soft” vocals, any Drake song would make for a perfect indie-pop song.

Coming off the grind from their booming North American tour supporting St. Lucia, L.A.’s Sir Sly, just released the video for their cover rendition of Drake’s song “Marvin’s Room.” And it’s actually kind of better than Drake’s. It’s a smooth indie R&B number that all the ladies are surely going to love. We’re definitely diggin’ it.

“We always said that if we covered a song it would be Marvin’s Room. The song came out years ago and we were still listening to it all the time when we were on the road in the van. We used to play it stripped down in Jason’s studio as a “what if we did this” kind of thing. And then one day we just decided to record it for fun.”  ~ Sir Sly

Stream Sir Sly’s cover of Drake’s song, “Marvin’s Room” below.

Stream Drake’s original version of “Marvin’s Room” below (and compare).

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