Brooklyn’s legendary Soul Clap & Dance-Off comes to Downtown L.A. at The Well

Soul Clap los Angeles at the Well

Alright Los Angeles, get those money-makers out! From Brooklyn, the Soul Clap is making its way to The Well in Downtown L.A. on Friday, March 21st. It’s the hippest dance party in the U.S. selling-out every night in New York and featuring a mouthwatering collection of original 1960’s soul records of world famous 45rpm rock and soul beats. Not to mention, if your moves are top-notch you can win $100 in the dance-off contest! And did we mention America’s FunnymanNeil Hamburger will be MCing the night while the exciting panel of judges are as followed:  Andrew W.K., Clifton aka Soft Touch, Howie Pyro (Intoxica Radio, D-Generation), Jason Brown (James Brown’s grandson), Myron (Stones Throw Myron and E), Yasmine Kittles (Tearist), and Grimy Goods Sandy! Bring the booty beats if you want to win that hundo!

Providing some of the evening’s smooth and bombastic dance jams are L.A. rhythm and blues superstar Nick Waterhouse, L.A.’s legendary Funky Sole DJs Music Man Miles and Clifton aka Soft Touch, along with Jonathan Toubin and some other very special surprise guests.

Presented by The Well, Viva! Pomona, Funky Sole, and Panache Booking — this is the kind of non-douchey-Hollywood dance club you want to get on. So ladies, if you love to dance but hate the Hollywood club scene and the douches that come along with it, get your sweet asses to the Soul Clap at The Well on Friday, March 21st. There will be A LOT of very special secret guests on the floor, on the stage and more. Get ready for it!

Tickets: $10 (FREE before 11pm)
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